SSAOwner profile image 9/5/14
About This Person
TRC Status Active - Corporal
License Status Valid
Warrant Status None
Relationship with TRC
Times stopped by TRCPD 7
Number of Citations 2
Number of Arrests 1

Person has been found!

About This PersonEdit

Joined ROBLOX: 9/18/2011

Knockouts: 3,995 (as of 9/5/2014)

ID #: 20200055

SSAOwner is an experienced TRCPD Corporal and the Head Supervisor of the Special Street Crimes Task Force having succeeded Officer Mckeesport.

Criminal RecordEdit

SSAOwner was detained in August 2014 by Captain batmanrulz4288 for taking part in an illegal demonstration outside the TRCPD post in Remmington in which multiple officers were injured. He was later later released without charge.

SSAOwner was ticketed twice for minor traffic violations, namely; aggressive driving on the 9th of February 2013 and speeding in late May 2014.

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