Rockport, City of Plainview
Rockport, City of Plainview
Rockport, City of Plainview
Place Information
Created on April 1, 2013
Created by FedoraMasterB98
Genre Town and City
Other Place Info
Uniform Required Uniform Required

Place DescriptionEdit

Become a Citizen here

If you join the group "State of Rockport", it enables you to be on the "Citizen" team and drive a Citizen vehicle.

Car Controls

Q,E - Blinkers

Z,X - Gear Shift

City of Plainview is TRC's LARGEST city. 16 full size baseplates may say something to you. This city is known from the Mysterious Golden Cactus, so try to find it somewhere in the giant Desert. Please stay on the road with your vehicle, driving off road can result in an arrest and you can get lost. If you don't like driving, then this place is not for you. Come take a Visit!

Car Credits

Spacek531, xxxMonkeyManxxx

Place Credits

LordKurloz, SummerSweetHeart, VERT752, shawnyg

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