Rockport, City of Oxford
Rockport, City of Oxford
Rockport, City of Oxford
Place Information
Created on March 27, 2013
Created by FedoraMasterB98
Genre Town and City
Other Place Info
Uniform Required Uniform Required

Place DescriptionEdit

Become a Citizen here If you join the group "State of Rockport ", it enables you to be on the "Citizen" team and drive a Citizen vehicle.

Car Controls

Q,E - Blinkers

Z,X - Gear Shift City of Oxford is TRC's and State of Rockport's LARGEST City ever built. This city has the most activities, like an Airport to on each island to fly too, and a Covenant Coffee store. Couldn't build it alone, so I hired some builders to help out, and boy did this place turn out good. 2 islands, and a long highway that averages 5 minutes to cross when going the speed limit. Come take a Visit!

Car Credits

Spacek531, xxxMonkeyManxxx

Place Credits

12an1, PChero, TechnicalRoblox987, SGTMcCoover, Spacek531, LawEnforcer99, TheKingPickle, kalani18, LordKurloz, bigboyz2012 {© Copyright 2014}