Rockport, City of Moab
Rockport, City of Moab
Rockport,City of Moab
Place Information
Created on September 15, 2010
Created by FedoraMasterB98
Genre Town and City
Other Place Info
Uniform Required Uniform Required

Place Description

Become a Citizen

If you join the group "State of Rockport", it enables you to be on the "Citizen" team and drive a Citizen vehicle.

Car Controls

Q,E - Blinkers

Z,X - Gear Shift City of Moab is TRC's first established city made. There has been over 6 versions of the City of Moab. You may remember some of them if you have been in TRC for the years it has been out there. Come take a Visit!

Car Credits

Spacek531, xxxMonkeyManxxx

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