Rockport, City of Helens
Rockport, City of Helens
Rockport, City of Helens
Place Information
Created on April 1, 2013
Created by FedoraMasterB98
Genre Town and City
Other Place Info
Uniform Required Uniform Required

Place DescriptionEdit

Become a Citizen here

If you join the group "State of Rockport", it enables you to be on the "Citizen" team and drive a Citizen vehicle.

Car Controls

Q,E - Blinkers

Z,X - Gear Shift

City of Helens is the most Detailed City TRC and State of Rockport has. The roads is CFramed up this detailed mountain, with 2 towns. One town at the top and one town at the bottom. Then there's the waterfall and the river, beautifully done, and the viewpoint puts it all together. The main road can take 5 mins to go from top to bottom of the map, especially with the snow pack on the roads. In which, we have RDOT to plow the snow. Come take a Visit!

Car Credits

Spacek531, xxxMonkeyManxxx

Place Credits

LordKurloz, LawEnforcer99, Spacek531

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