Officer Mckeesport
SSCTF Deputy Head Supervisor
About This Person
TRC Status Active
License Status Valid
Warrant Status None
Relationship with TRC
Times stopped by TRCPD 2
Number of Citations 1
Number of Arrests 0

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About This PersonEdit

Joined ROBLOX: 5/17/2012

Knockouts: 1,111 (as of 09/03/2014)

ID#: 50882012 - Callsign: 1F1

Mckeesport is a TRCPD Officer (as of 09/03/2014) and is the Deputy Head Supervisor of the Special Street Crimes Task Force. On a side note; Officer Mckeesport was not demoted from his postion, he transferred command to Corporall SSOwner.

Groups Currently In (With Ranks):

SSCTF: Deputy Head Supervisor

TRCPD: Officer

Security ClearanceEdit

Officer Mckeesport is granted special security clearance and case-by-case access to the capitol in the course of offical SSCTF duties. This does not extend to other times while on or off duty. Approved by Asst. Chief, Benda587. This clearance expires 12/31/2014 unless otherwise renewed by a person of the rank of Assistant Chief or above.