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About This Person
TRC Status Non-Member
License Status None issued
Warrant Status None
Relationship with TRC
Times stopped by TRCPD Unknown
Number of Citations Unknown
Number of Arrests 8

Person has been found!

About This PersonEdit

Joined ROBLOX: Unknown

Knockouts: 5,604 (as of 09/04/2014)

ID#: 33154966

Marshal1109 is a former TRCPD Officer. He currently appears to be generally inactive and hold no major positions in any groups.

Behaviour ReportEdit

According to both still serving and retired officers of the TRCPD, Marshal1109 is both highly volatile and is known for use of excessive force. He has been recorded on at least two occasions killing three separate people without any visible cause.

Filed reportsEdit

Accustations of felony homicidde of at least two people whilst on duty were made but several serving members of the TRCPD. No legal action was taken and Marshal1109 has seince left the TRCPD (Terminal rank: Deputy Chief) and renounced his Rockport Citizenship.

Logged EvidienceEdit


Video of Marshal1109 commiting homicide whilst on duty in the City of Remmington



Message sent from a Mayor (Now Cabinet as of 09/04/2014) to a Captain (Now a Superintendent and a member of the House of Representitives as od 09/04/2014)

"[...] and ust to let you know he [Marshal1109] has been killing EVERYONE he sees. Someone should fire him. [...]"