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TRC Status Active-Recruit
License Status Valid
Warrant Status None
Relationship with TRC
Times stopped by TRCPD 0
Number of Citations 0
Number of Arrests 3 (unknown, minimum)

Person has been found!

About This PersonEdit

Joined ROBLOX: 7/15/2010

Knockouts: 7,054 (as of 9/4/2014)

ID #: 9104431

iBeastex [aka BeastyC10, clubcristyfan] is a long member of TRC. He has ben a DC [aka Commander at the time] 3 times. He was Echo's DC, LordPheonFires DC, and TrevorWB's DC. He joined TRC early 2012!

Service HistoryEdit

iBeastex has quitten TRC alot and has ben exiled. He has ben exiled for calling Serafin10CP gay, and disrespecting boys1998. He was accepted back in 9 months later.

Criminal RecordEdit

iBeastex was sued multiple times and demoted for hate/disrespecting people.