About This Person
TRC Status Retired
License Status No licence issued
Warrant Status None
Relationship with TRC
Times stopped by TRCPD 18
Number of Citations 4
Number of Arrests 0

Person has been found!

About This Person

Joined ROBLOX: 12/14/2011

Knockouts: 19.358 (as of 09/03/2014)

ID#: 22313057

Benda587 is a former TRCPD Assistant Chief, he retired from his postion on 05/18/2014. He renounced his Rockport Citizenship shortly thereafter. He maintains his position as Researcher in the TRC/Rockport Research and Development Team.

Security Clearance

General Status: All Access (Unknown issuer)

Prision Status: All Access (Unknown issuer)

Pending investigations

A check into who issued Benda587's current security clearance and weather it should still be active is recomended.