Promotion Guide

Alright, here is the deal guys. FedoraMasterB98 is getting annoyed with all of you thinking you SHOULD get promoted, but then you're not and then you're whining on the wall or whining to me or another colonel/advisor for some dumb reason.

PROTIP: When you message a Commander or Ast., have a subject. Personally boys1998 doesn't read messages without a title and just deletes them on the spot.

PROTIP 2: The Robloxian Cops has been up since 01/12/2010. This means don't try any "Oh WU BLU BLU BLU I'VE BEEN IN THE ROBLOXIAN COPS FOR 7 MONTHS", etc.

PROTIP 3: This is for Ast's. (actually FedoraMasterB98 shouldn't even need to ask you guys) and Commanders. Do not promote users who whine for ranks. Ignore them, if they spam you, demote them. If you are an advisor, exile them. Whiners are not tolerated,

Do not promote any users who do not supply proof of the reason for their promotion. This means do not promote people who said "I got 50 KOs in training" - make them supply proof with SCREENSHOTS.


Now that is all settled, The DO's OF THE ROBLOXIAN COPS

DO: Respect all high ranking members
DO: Supply proof when asking for a promotion. Yes, we know. It's hard to take 2 minutes of your life to upload a screenshot in the form of a decal.

DO: Build models, forts, AND HAVE THEM APPROVED by a Commander or an Ast. This will get you promoted.

DO: Attend trainings and meetings often. This get's you more known in the group and also doesn't make you another faceless figure in the group.

DO: Defend bases. Supply screenshots to get promotions of defending bases.

DO: Report all members tking and spawn killing. This includes neutrals too. Supply proof of user in the act of killing team members or neutrals. However, you ARE allowed to kill a neutral with a knife on.

DO: Be friendly to new members, NEWBIES who aren't in the clan, and well, anybody.


DO NOT; Lie about rank. Demotion if anybody gives me proof you insert he/she doing so.

DO NOT; Exploit using 3rd party software, cheat engine, etc. This will get you instantly exiled. Exploiting is script kiddie like.

DO NOT; Lie to get a promotion. This is basically impossible if all colonels and advisors follow the PICS OR NEVER HAPPENED rule (screenshots)

DO NOT; Steal vehicles, boats, anything from any other members.

DO NOT; Team kill, kill neutrals, or spawn kill.

DO NOT; Start arguments, call people noobs, be offensive/disruptive, etc.

DO NOT; Bribe Commander's or Ast's. We will take the money and just demote you. Warning heard.

DO NOT; Kill allies, respect allies please.

DO NOT; Start wars with other groups. It's up to FedoraMasterB98 and his Ast's to declare war on certain clans.

DO NOT; Disrespect enemies. You're welcome to kill them, raid their bases, but please exchange a few gg's, etc.

DO NOT; hurt FedoraMasterB98 fellingz. He will eat u if you do.


Ways to get Promoted.

Instant Promotions;

Trainings - Usually Commander's/Ast's. hold trainings. We will set a goal such as get ____ KOs for rank _____, rank _____ to _____

Design stuff for us - This is an easy one. Just make decals, clothes, bases, models, that are approved by an Commander or an Ast. for a promotion.

Longterm Promotions;

Alliances. Set up Alliances with approved clans by myself, or my Ast's. promotion.

Foruming; Foruming generally produces increased spelling and grammar skills. This will get you promotions if you represent TRC well.

Skill; Skill can get you far if you posses any. Good luck.

How to get Commander or above.

1. Be active and loyal to the group.
2. Be Mature.
3. Be Hardworking.
4. Do not ask.
6. Notice that FedoraMasterB98 didn't add 6.
7. No, really, ask and get demoted.

- FedoraMasterB98 picks people would he thinks should be Ast., same with other Commanders.

Follow these rules to be able to get ranked up, thank you for reading.