Training Expectations

Alright, TRC will get a new set of Training Expectations. If you disagree with any rules, discuss it with FedoraMasterB98 because these expectaions must be followed as instructed, if not you might be in a load of trouble. Now, here is the list of some expectations.

(Trainings in General) (ALL REQUIRED)

- ALL Trainings must have at least 1 Diciplinary Training.
- You may only give out 1 promotion per 5 people in a training.
- Training MUST be at least 20 mins long.
- All promotions must be earned for a reason, not just given.
- DC's MUST message their AC for promotions. (If not it causes problems)
- MUST NOT sweet talk if in a disrespectful situation. (Like a trainee disrespecting you, no sweet talk, dont be afraid to yell)
- You may only request demotions and Exilations (Give reasoning on why)
- Uniform required. (Shirt, Pants, Hat)
- All orders must be followed. (Trainees)
- Be sure to shout your training with a link. If your training has ended, shout "Training over" so people know.
- Ignore all who ask for a promo.
- MUST end training during a raid situation.


- ONLY give out 1 promotion per 5 people in a training
- 5 people = 1 promotions given to 1 person
- 10 people = 2 promotions given to 2 people
- 15 people = 3 promotions given to 3 people
- 20 people = 4 promotions given to 4 people
- 25 people = 5 promotions given to 5 people
- 30 people = 6 promotions given to 6 people
- So if their is 7 people in a training, how many promotions? = 1 promotion

(Disrespect) (Steps to solve it)

1) Ask CALMLY for them to obey orders.

2) Tell them CALMLY to stop and that they have 1 chance left to obey orders.

3) Make notice they dont have another chance to stop disobeying orders. (Get angry)

4) Begin to confront people disobeying orders while they are all lined up. (Please yell)

5A) (If they stop) Then begin the training once again. If it starts up again, go to step 1. (Continue training peacfully)

5B) (If they continue) Begin to give punishments/demotions/exilations. If it continues, go to step 6. (Please yell)

6) If they go on and on and on, and continue to not follow orders, ban/kick the person and report it to FedoraMasterB98 or an AC. (Threaten them and yell, then ban/kick)

(Training pattern) (Perfered but not required) (At boys1998's training place)

1) Begin in the spawn room and line them up. Tell them your expectations. My expectations are still required but you can always add more when your the trainer.

2) Then line them up in the mid-spawn room.

3) Begin with obbies, any obby is fine to start with.

4) Then begin diciplinary. (If they disobey orders before or after training, go directly to diciplinary again and repete it over and over till they follow orders)

5) After diciplinary, begin the Arenas or the sword fight training.

6) Then you can rally in the mid spawn room and announce promotions. (Remember, 1 promotion per 5 people)


(Disrespect punishments) (In stages)

(Stage 1 = Warning) (Make notice of the rules when one happens)
- Talking without permission
- Doing nothing
- Ignoring trainer
- Interupting training
- Cheating
- Not wearing uniform (Shirt, Pants, Hat)
- Constantly pestering for promotion (If it continues, go to Stage 2)
- Spamming (If it continues, ban/kick)
- Asking for promos/Driving tests (If it continues, go to Stage 2)

(Stage 2 = Punishment)
- Yelling
- Talking back (If it continues, go to Stage 3)
- Fighting without permission/Killing HR/Trainers
- Disobeying orders (If it continues, go to stage 3)
- Threatening (If it continues, go to stage 3)
- Telling Trainers what to do (Acting as if they have power) (If it continues, go to Stage 3)
- Asking for promos/Driving tests

(Stage 3 = Demotion/Exilation) (Contact an AC or Fedora if in a Stage 3 Situation)
- Talking back (Severly)
- Yelling (Continoulsy Raging)
- Telling Trainers what to do (Acting as if they have power)
- Disobeying orders
- Threatening
- Harassing
- Bullying
- Interupting training